Coercion and Me

Back in 2020 I wrote this manifesto (maybe you can recall what rhetoric got me riled up). Recent (February 2022) events in eastern Europe reminded me of my feelings back in 2020, so I have decided to publish my manifesto on this topic. Here goes ...

I have become increasingly angry and frustrated by the extent to which people are using coercion (violence, destruction, aggression, harsh language, etc.) to impose their beliefs on others. Obvious examples can be seen in politics, religion, economics, science, etc. I have therefore decided to let it be publicly known:

If, after reading the above, you think you might be on my shit list, feel free to contact me ( to discuss all this. I'll be pleased to (try to) convince you that the use of coercion to impose beliefs on others is wrong, and unlikely to achieve your goals (or maybe you'll convince me otherwise :-). If you agree with me, I encourage you to adopt this manifesto and post it in your favourite public forum ... maybe it will help make the world a better place.

Geoff Sutcliffe, March 2022

P.S. Please do not interpret the above as a pacifist attitude. No sireee, I'm not even a believer in the old testament's "eye-for-an-eye" (Exodus 21:23–27). I do not believe in "proportionate response", but rather in "excessive disproportionate response". If you start shit, expect the wrath of hades in return!

Here are the lyrics to a song about an instance of the above, completely ripped off and sung to the tune of Tim Minchin's "Pope Song" (and if you can't see the lyrics, well, that's HTML for you :-) ...