True Love

What is Love?

A friend and I were talking recently about "love", what it means when it is said, and why it's so hard to find. This is what I wrote later. It's a bit trite, so please don't get all PCP uppity if you don't like it - some things are true and some things are not, but a simple view can often relieve the ... tension. And please don't get all fancy-pants because I'm using traditional sexual roles ... put in your own LGBTQ roles as you find appropriate.

Observation: When a woman says "I love you" she typically means exactly that ... an emotional bond. When a man says "I love you" he might just mean "That was great sex" ... a physical pleasure. So, when a man hears "I love you" he typically congratulates his penis for a job well done, and when a woman hears "I love you" she might think about having babies. And we wonder why there's miscommunication! This miscommunication can be solved by listening, not just hearing. And by trying to think about how the listener might interpret what we say.

Advice for gentlemen: Don't fall in love so fast, don't say "I love you" until you want her to hear it. Fall into friendship first, with the understanding that friends can have great sex. The right friendship will lead to love .

Advice for ladies: Don't always believe that a man actually loves you when he says "I love you". Wait until he lets you use his power tools, or drive his truck. Then you can start thinking about having babies.

Geoff Sutcliffe, January 2023

Five Elements of Desire (not "Love" - that's different)

For me, there are five things that make a woman (my choice, you can desire whatever sex you want of course) immediately desirable to me ...

... and not necessarily in that order. And remember, to be "loveable" you have to also be love able".

Geoff Sutcliffe, May 2022